By My Fury They Shall Know Thy Emperor's Name

The difference between heresy and treachery is ignorance.

Metalus was on his way to Copius IV unfortunately not for pleasure, but instead it was business related. His ability with cryptology is not just limited to breaking codes, but also creating them. So he was “requested” to come help some government facility develop new coding for their messaging system. As long as the ride is nice, Metalus won’t mind much. He was set up with a “luxury liner,” so the seats were going to be comfy enough. While waiting to board he was able to catch a few Z’s at the terminal, where he dreamt of his past……..

There he was, investigating a crime scene previously looked over. Just doing some double checking of things, dotting the i’s and crossing those t’s. He heard the crunching of debris under foot behind him, but one of the entrances….turning to look he saw two ratty scum who’ve obviously come to ransack the place. Nervous twitching, fogging of the eyes, drug overdose? No. Withdrawal. One had already drawn a shoddy looking pistol and had it leveled towards Metalus. Local street made gun, many confiscated so far. Average of 83% have malfunctions, 36% of which are injuries to the user, yet they continue to be used.

“Give us all your money!” Simple demands, simple minds.

Metalus slowly raised his arms up. These lessers might normally not be a threat, but they seemed jumpy and didn’t them being even more stupid than they’ve already been. “I have a better idea.” He said in a calm voice. The one without a gun looks nervous, no confidence without a weapon.

“I’m the one calling the shots, wise guy! Like I said, money. Now!” The one with the gun kept demanding, the barrel swaying side to side. Can’t track his target…hyperopic mixed with withdrawals.

“Somna. That’s what you guys are using, yes? Well…it just so happens I have some in my-”

GIVE IT ’ER!” Opportunity….. Metalus slowly reaches into his pocket and brings out some vials with liquid in them. The crooks eyes instantly become fixated on the new prize, their bodies craving what they think is their next fix.

“Catch.” He says almost casually, like he’s doing them a favor, and tosses the vials towards the two. They scramble for it immediately. Now. They didn’t notice Metalus drawing his Hecuter autopistol and leveling it at them, switching it to auto, and quite methodically chewing them in half. The one with the gun had a spasm, pulling the trigger of his pistol in the process. It backfired and now the mans hand looked like raw hamburger, not like he was alive to experience the pain at this point though. Metalus walked over and picked up his vials, which were just fill with water runoff he had gathered for analysis, holstered his pistol, and went back to work after calling for some Arbites backup in this shitty, Emperor forsaken neighborhood.

Someone sat in the seat next to Metalus, jostling him awake for a moment, but he quickly drifted make asleep.

“How could you mess this up?” He paused his accusation for a moment “FOR THE THIRD TIME THIS WEEK!” Metalus had enough of some of his so called peers. He just desired to have a bit of order in the work place. Everything had its spot, all forms had certain ways to be filled out, everything worked well when people here used their brain just a smidge. “Never mind, just leave it. NO….no no……leave it. I’ll fix your mistakes. Again.” He hated wasted talent. These other adepts were here for a reason, but some were just stealing air more than anything. But Metalus was happy with doing his work for the Verispex; it presented him with new challenges all the time. Some harder than others, and he preferred the more difficult ones. He believed what he did was what solved the crimes, the Arbites were just the sword to dole out justice. A fine working machine that’s operated for centuries. He organized a few more documents and paired them with the appropriate evidence for filing and further research. Knowledge is power, guard it well. That is what his primary instructor had told him over and over once he joined the Verispex. And how true that turned out to be!

Metalus had stumbled upon some texts, in ways that don’t need to be discussed at the moment…lets just say he found them. Forbidden knowledge is considered that for a reason. Nobody is supposed to know it, and it can be considered heretical if you do. But…what if you can use it for good? Like, say….information on cults and their practices? Being able to recognize their symbols and common words or phrases used by their members? Could this not help fight them? Metalus thought so. Which is why after reading the books cover to cover many times he finally destroyed it, but remembering every last detail. If I found one of my colleagues with something like that I’d have turned them in, or killed them on the spot. I expect the same would have been done to me. But now nobody knew but him, and he could filter out what he needed to help in cases later down the road.

Another jostle and this time it was someone giving his boots a kick on purpose “Hey there sir. Are you waiting to board this cruiser? They’ll be starting soon.” Metalus smiled and nodded at the gentleman, who gave his own knowing nod back and went on his way. He gave a few stretches, getting any kinks out, and accounted for his belongings. Extra pair of clothes? Check. Identification? Check. Service pistol and ammo? Check. Chrono? Check. Data slate? Check. The rest of his gear had been loaded onto shipping containers which then were loaded into the belly of the main vessel. He’ll have to claim it at a later time if the dock hands don’t lose it, that is. He had requested from his previous stationing a Vox-Thief, Auspex and Ocular Catechizer. He may have tossed in some forms to try and get a Verispex armor set, but knowing his precinct, they weren’t likely to part with it. He’ll find out what all they allowed to be shipped once he gets to his destination.

A female voice well she sounds nice…, someone working the terminal, came over a vox hailer. It gave that knowing feedback tone first, which made the hustle and bustle of everyone stop and listen. “For those of you boarding for Copius IV, the gate is now open and we are accepting. Please enjoy your flight, and as always…..the Emperor protects.” Yes…as always.


I wish I could write stories like this… love it!

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