By My Fury They Shall Know Thy Emperor's Name

Oddly Intrusive Immigration Questions

Papers Please / Farmers Only

Q1: Why are you traveling to Copius IV?

A: Pleasure. Psychiatrist recommended R&R to be specific.

Q2: If you were held at gunpoint, how would you respond?

A: I have been held at gunpoint many times. Usually I just laugh. Once I get a good look in their eyes (and they get a good look at mine), they find someone else to rob.

Q3: What is your desire in life?

A: I desire nothing more than to serve our Emperor. In doing so, I shall ensure my continued safety. Through service, I will never want for anything.

Q4: Would you sacrifice to achieve the above question?

A: I live every day on the edge of death. This has been my life ever since surviving in the space hulk HMS Lucullus as a child. There is nothing I am afraid to lose.

Q5: What do you hate?

A: I hate small talk and other needless conversation. Most people say I am crazy. But my psychiatrist assures me that I am fit to serve the Emperor.

Q6: I always travel with my dead mother’s Cypra Mundi pistol and Selenite Void Suit for interplanetary trips and xeno mesh armor and mesh cowl for any planetside excursions. I always wear a black cloak over everything. Always.



That pic is super creepy…
… your super creepy….
… this is going to be fun! =P

AutoPhox lazepoo

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