House Rules

Swift attack/Lighting attack: similar to burst fire and full auto respectively. ie: swift attack is a full action that upon a successful hit, grants another hit for every two degrees of success. Lightning attack is a full action that upon a successful hit grants another hit for every degree of success. Unlike the ranged counterparts, there are no bonuses to hit.
Yes, as a full action, you can use swift/lightning attack with each hand if you have ambidexterity, TWFmelee and are dual wielding melee weapons. However, you lose your reaction that turn.

Fetter/Unfetter/Push psyker rules: 1/2 dice pool for threshold test cannot incur psychic phenomena. During a push, dice can be added to threshold tests up to twice the psi rating, but psychic phenomena must be rolled too. each die added beyond the first adds +10 to the phenomena roll.
Example: A psyker has psi rating of 2: 1 die incurs no phenomena, even on a natural 9. 3 dice incurs phenomena automatically. 4 dice incurs phenomena at +10.

The scatter trait, found on shotguns and others, work up to short range. woot

After failing a fear test, subtract your Will Power from the subsequent roll on the shock table.

Two weapon fighting: with no talents is -40 off hand/-20 main hand.
with ambidexterity: -20/-20.
with ambidexterity and TWFmelee: 0 melee/0 melee.
with ambidexterity and TWFballistic: 0 ballistic/0 ballistic.
with ambidexterity, TWFmelee and TWFballistic: 0 melee/0 ballistic. badass.
TWFballistic only: -20 ballistic/-0 ballistic
There are other combinations but you get the jist of it. each trait removes the associated -20 penalty. Remember, you can HOLD a weapon in each hand and avoid penalties by attacking with only one hand that turn as per the normal rules.

House Rules

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