Metalus Venris

Verispex Adept hailing from Schola Progenium


Weapon Skill 35
Ballistic Skill 31
Strength 25
Toughness 35
Agility 32
Intelligence 41 Simple
Perception 39 Simple
Willpower 31
Fellowship 30

Awareness: Trained
Literacy: Trained
Search: Trained
Tech-Use: Trained

Common Lore:

  • Imperial Creed Trained
  • War Trained
  • Administratum Trained
  • Ecclesiarchy Trained
  • Imperium Trained

Sholastic Lore:

  • Legend Trained
  • Philosophy Trained
  • Cryptology Trained

Forbidden Lore:

  • Cult Trained

Speak Language:

  • Low Gothic Trained
  • High Gothic Trained


  • Copyist Trained


  • Basic Weapon (SP)
  • Pistol Training (Las & SP)
  • Melee Weapon (Primitive)
  • Sprint
  • Jaded
  • Light Sleeper


  • Sheltered- Charm, Command, Deceive and Scrutiny get -10 on Cultists, traitors, chem-addicts, mutants, etc. The “dregs of society.”
  • Tempered Will- Very Hard (-30) Willpower tests are reduced to a -20




Metalus Venris grew up in the Calixis Sector Schola Progenium. His parents are assumed dead, as their ship, the Devine Sanctuary was lost to the Void after in jumped into the warp. There have been no signs of it resurfacing within Imperial Space. He was immediately shipped off then to what shaped him into a servant of the Emperor.

He was recognized from a young age to shy away from the martial skills if it meant he could bury himself in books for a while longer. This did not mean he lacked skill, he just had a much more vested interest in knowledge than learning ways to operate weapons. Instead of punishing Metalus, the Drill Abbots of the Pregenium encouraged his behavior, and tested him on his wits and book smarts. It proved beneficial, to both Metalus and the Empire. When we was in his teens they placed him alongside the Arbites that worked on enforcing the Emperor’s Law. He fell right into a niche of being able to analyze crimes, not so much enforce them. That was meant more for the “meat” to go and do, Metalus was the finger that pointed where they needed to go after close observation of clues.

The Schola Progenium contacted the Verispex, a specialized group of Adepts. Their sole purpose was to work alongside the Adeptes Arbites, to be the behind the scenes source of information. When an Arbites was not there to stop a crime, the Verispex would be called in to analyze every little portion. Sometimes individuals specialized in such a specific area, that they were renowned as experts in their field, such as cultists, plasma fires, ballistic trajectory solutions, etc.

What Metalus started to lean towards was Cryptology. Code cracking. He gained a moment of fame within his department by taking on a side project that was previously filed as not worth anyone’s time. It was some random vox chatter that was picked up now and then, and said to have been just garbled chatter and “vox collisions,” making it sound like multiple frequencies hopping onto each other by accident. Well it was no accident. After a few weeks of listening to it, he was able to notice a pattern, based on the time of day and a change in how frequent it was. A distinct pattern. Not so random after all! He put in requests for Vox-Thief’s to be placed in designated areas so as to triangulate and capture the signal as best as possible. Turns out it was propaganda and secret messages being sent among heretical factions that were rumored to be moving into the area, but no concrete evidence had shown they had a foothold. After listening for a few days, it was obvious this faction had been there for a while……which soon changed once the Arbite mobilized to purged every last one of the heretics. Metalus was given a nod of approval from superiors, and was assigned as the local “code breaker” should the need arise again. Although now this meant he was looked at to accomplish things, instead of the menial tasks many other adepts did. No messing up now.

Metalus Venris

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