By My Fury They Shall Know Thy Emperor's Name


After boarding a vessel to Copius IV, the group awakens from cryo-sleep to find themselves as the only survivors on the ship. It has reached its destination but not before being deemed Terminatus by the PDF orbital check point. The group members help each other out of their cryo-pods and head toward the bridge. Avelina senses ruptures in the warp all over the vessel before being contacted by the ship’s astropath. Arriving at the bridge, Gaius begins to work on the main cogitators while the rest of the party open the hatch to the astropath’s psi-pod. They are informed of their imminent doom in the form of PDF bombardment due to a daemonic presence within the ship. The group is asked to go to the armory and find anything they can that will help keep the daemon from escaping during bombardment. In the name of the Emperor, and for the safety of the imperium, they accept their fatal mission. The astropath is then consumed by the forces of chaos and his body is eviscerated from inside out by lashing tendrils of razor wire. All but Gaius head to the armory to retrieve their gear. Gaius communes with the ship’s machine spirit and discovers that the escape pods have been force-activated. He arrives there first and attempts to stop the pod from deploying with no luck. As the alert for destruction sounds, the group load into the pods and give chase toward the surface of Copius IV. Gaius’s pod has trouble during re-entry and crashes hard. Now in the middle of a farm field, the group follows the trail of the escaped entity to the farm house near by. inside, they find a grizzly mess of the occupants. A man is sitting in the center of a ward, hastily drawn on the floor with the blood of the poor dead farmers. Sythia, recognizing the man for what he really is, does not hesitate to heroically charge the man and tackle him. This forces the man to break his grip on the possession and the daemon within is released. Instantly mummified in thin wire, the daemon known as Corpus Filimentum defends itself from the attackers. While still weak, the Daemon-host uses its terrifying psi-shreak to stun the party so it may escape. However, Bruul resists the awful pain and goes on the attack. Bruul swings hard with his sword, only to find that the daemon’s body was far too durable. This causes the Daemon to lash out and shred Bruul’s body, rending his flesh and nearly* spilling his entrails before it escapes. The party awakens in a church within the small farming town. Journeyman-Confessor Anton greets them and asks them to hunt the daemon-host down and kill it before the PDF get involved. To do this, the team must use his hacked-shotgun with special sanctified shells to knock the beast down. only then can they perform the final blow to kill the host and banish the daemon. With out any other resources, the team reluctantly agrees and heads out of the church. They are then approached by Priest Hobbs who explains to them that the host of this daemon is inquisitor Sten Locheed and he holds important information. Hobbs requests that the team use a Psi-lock collar on Sten once he is subdued, instead of killing him. Sythia refuses outright, while Matelus agrees to at least take the collar and consider the options. With Bruul’s wounds burdening his action, Matelus agrees to use the hacked-shotgun once the daemon-host is located. Avelina, Sythia, and Matelus combine their skills to track down the daemon-host that is lurking somewhere in town. They notice the town is empty, as it is mid day and the residence are mostly out working the fields. eventually, a group of farmers enter the road from a house two blocks away. They seem puppet-like as their blood soaked bodies walk about. Wire tethers come out of their spines and collect somewhere within the house they emerged from. The group charges down the street at the puppet-farmers. Matelus ducks into a side street to circle around the back of the house. Avelina’s psychic power erupts and causes a chaotic rain of blood in the street. The team clashes with the puppet-farmers as Matelus sneaks into the back of the house. Here, he finds another puppet waiting for him. Matelus wittingly slips past the clumsy guard and fires the shot at the Corpus Filimentum. Their only hope misses its target and the group now has to turn to more desperate measures. Another rupture in the warp causes a psychic backlash that sends mental energy surging through everyone’s brain and body. Bruul sucumbs to the blast and is partially immolated*. Sythia valiantly picks up his sword and charges into the house to attack the daemon-host. Corpus Filimentum reacts by whipping its wire tendrils at the party members and ripping a wide hole in the warp. By fate, a furious new daemon emerges and engages the Corpus Filimentum in a feral battle of dominance. Meanwhile, Avelina see’s Gaius being surrounded by the puppets and hears the terrible fight raging within the house. She decides to use the fire still sputtering on Bruul’s form to send the house up in flames. another rip in the warp causes gravity to reverse and Sythia and Metalus use this opportunity to escape the embattled and burning house. The house begins to come apart as gravity and flame wrench on it. suddenly, the daemon-host comes bursting forth just as the gravity normalizes. this causes the burning building to collapse upon the daemon and pin it to the ground. Sythia and Avelina take this opportunity to execute the host and banish the daemon for good. Bloody and broken, the group returns to the church with the news of Inquisitor Sten’s death. Priest Hobbs erupts in anger and leaves while Anton reveals that he too is an inquisitor and commends their bravery. Anton believes that this is a sign from the God-Emperor himself, telling them that they are to be of great service by joining the inquisition as acolytes of the Throne. The team each agree to join the cause and earn a divine blessing. Bruul’s heroic sacrifices are further rewarded with cybernetic replacements.


Man playing an inquisitor is hard. I feel like Sythia made some bad choices but in character they all made sense… kinda

P.S. Perils of Dat Warp is da shiz!


To be honest, i designed this first session to account for this. players are not yet comfortable in their character’s skin and im not accustomed to GMing so i had to make an intro to work with that. Sythia didnt make “bad” decisions at all. Its better story to do as the character would, rather than do what “should” be done. This is why i placed two inquisitors here. either Sten and/or Hobbs would convince you all to save him and you end up working for him; or Anton would convince you to kill Sten and you all would work for Anton instead. either way, the incident in the house and the final battle would have still occurred in similar fashion. you guys just got to work on how to get there and who’s left at the end. My idea was to put you guys into a desperate situation and see how you act when pushed. As long as you guys keep to your characters thoughts and motives, there are no “bad” decisions…even if it kills you…it still adds dimension to the story :) welcome to Warhammer!

side note: now that you are all on mission, fights will be more balanced.

another side note: Oh but dat warp tho :B


“…the incident in the house and the final battle would have still occurred in similar fashion.”

So no matter our path you setup up the scene to kill Ryan’s character 2 times? …. love it!!


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