By My Fury They Shall Know Thy Emperor's Name

6 Questions; Starring Sythia Brutis

In TV Interview Format

Host : Sythia, thank you so much for joining us today. Our viewing audience is dying to know more about you.
Sythia : They seem to be quite alive to me… for now at least
Host : Oh, okay… um, they just want to know more about you.. so… let’s begin… Maybe?
Sythia : Fine, lets get this over with.
Host : First Question Sythia, Why are you traveling to Copius IV?
Sythia : Copius IV might be a beautiful planet, mainly covered in farms and fields, but don’t be deceived. There is always a villain, ruffian, tyrant, murderer, rapist or the like. You just need to know where to look. I am here to oust them and make them pay and preferably get paid in the process.
Host : Seems, a little dark Sythia, aren’t you going to take a little “me” time and relax at our new pleasure resort?
Sythia : The only pleasure I need comes in the form of justice, swift, cold, and calculated.
Host : * blink blink*
Sythia : …. What’s the next fucking question!
Host : Oh, sorry… you seem really tough. But just how tough? if you were suddenly held at gunpoint by a couple gangers who demand your money or life, how would you feel/react?
Sythia : I would feel nothing.. . fear doesn’t grip me, it only frees my mind and gives me a higher sense of things, and by the end their teeth would be chattering in fear against the barrel of their own gun weather I am holding or they are holding it in their own mouth…….
Host : ….. * jaw drops* ….. tha, that’s great Sythia. Do I dare ask you what your greatest desire in life is?…
Sythia : Sure, that’s easy… to clean that gangers grey matter off my armor and know that’s one less dead beat low life scum that this world needs to endure.
Host : Sweet Emperor! You have to be kidding, are you even a real person!? Let me guess, you would be willing to sacrifice anything to bring justice to this simple ganger then?
Sythia : No, not for a simple ganger. But to bring down a greater evil, evil incomprehensible to the civilized mind, evil that creeps in the shadows and with a single word steals the last breath from a babe in its crib, to stop that evil I would give everything.
Host : … so would you say the thing you hate the most in this world is evil? Kinda generic don’t you thing?
Sythia : Evil can come in many forms, it is never generic, unlike this talk show… but all those forms can cause suffering. In fact this interview has been a waste of my time * Sythia stands up as if to leave the set*
Host : Then why did you waste your afternoon to come on set Sythia? You knew what this was all about!
Sythia : * quickly draws a pistol and fires in the direction of the camera, a blood curdling scream is heard and blood sprays across the camera lens. Sythia approaches the camera grabs it and turns it to the camera man, now bleeding out on the floor*
Host : What in the emperor’s name are you doing!
Sythia : This man is Janis Thule, wanted for the corruption, enslavement and murder of 45 citizens of the town Tarkus on the moon Carlatia. He is the worst kind of scum and doesn’t even deserve a swift death. Now watch him try to cling at his life strings, strings that he saw fit to cut from a mother while he made her two young children watch. Watch and see what becomes of evil



Note: The end seen implies that Sythia would have come to Copius IV fully preapred for duty, with what ever equipment that entails.

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