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Here in the Calixis sector, there are many beautiful locations to visit during your stay. We have everything you desire; from the sandy beaches on Siren’s Den to the famous wines in the pleasure palaces of Quaddis, or the majestic architecture of Icenholm on Sepheris Secundus. If you are looking for more of an adventure destination, try our elite package! This will take you on a journey across the sector that traces the warpath of the great Lord General Militant Drusus! Follow in his footsteps as he liberated the Calixis sector from the grips of unknown horror which ends on Sentinel, the planet that is now home to the statue of St. Drusus.


AG466 is an agri-world on the frontier. The surface of the planet is deep ocean, spotted with volcanos. Most of them are dormant. Atop one volcano is a factory-hive owned by the Gallus family. Long ago, the Gallus family discovered this planet and its unique resource. The crystal formed from the combination of the salty oceans and the volcanic lava made a useful smithing mineral for the Lathe worlds.

By My Fury They Shall Know Thy Emperor's Name

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